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by Lizemari Maritz on September 8th, 2022
The issue of “belonging” is one of the more elementary and instinctive needs humans have. It speaks of safety, protection and being understood. In many historical communities belonging is akin to survival. We are often driven unconsciously to fit in and belong within our social networks. Many of these networks have rules for belonging. For example you may need to act or look a certain way in order...  Read More
The WHY of Kindness
by Joppie Maritz on May 18th, 2022
We cannot simply teach our children to “behave kind”. We must also teach our children the WHY of “be kind”.  Read More
How can I grow my child?
by Joppie Maritz on May 6th, 2022
Regardless of the level of skill, learning to motivate our children to not be half-hearted in their efforts is a very important step in helping them grow...  Read More
Building Character
by Joppie Maritz on November 18th, 2021
Good character is best described by its traits, such as integrity, doing the right thing, honesty, courage and being peace-loving. There is no quick-fix to building character – you cannot buy it and it takes a great deal of wisdom to attain it...  Read More
Time to Train
by Joppie Maritz on November 4th, 2021
When the Bible talks about training our children, it is not talking about gaining skills and a giving a good performance. Training a child is about teaching him or her how to have a relationship with God...  Read More