Culture of Kindness: TEAM starts with TRUST

Written by Desiree Visser

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.” Simon Sinek

 Trust is an interesting concept. There is no short-cut to building trust, and it is often forged out of difficult and trying experiences. There are so many things that steal our ability to trust: negative experiences, inconsistent parenting, betrayal, fear, gossip and so much more. Trust that is broken is not easily repaired. Placing our trust in someone or something untrustworthy can be devastating. Oh, trust can be complex, fragile, and so risky.
But what a beautiful thing trust can be:
-          you are seen and accepted as you are,
-          your feelings and secrets can be shared and are safe with someone else
-          you do not have to fear rejection
-          you are safe physically and emotionally
-          you do not have to be strong and in control all the time, and things will still turn out well.
Trust grows in places where there is more than self-interest. It grows in those places where people look out for each other and have integrity, and where belief and purpose align with safety. Gossip destroys trust. Whether in a marriage, school, or business, trust is worth protecting.

People will fail us at times. But there is One who is always true and trustworthy, and faithful in all His promises. He is the Lord. Psalm 145:13 “The Lord is trustworthy in all His promises, and faithful in all He does.” There is no hidden message here – ALL of God’s promises will come to pass.  We can trust Him. Just look at this promise in Isaiah 26: 3 – 4 “You (the Lord) keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all those whose thoughts are fixed on you.” Perfect peace sounds wonderful, but look at the requirement "All who trust in You". 

Do you trust God with your money and your children? Your decisions and your day-to-day? Learning to trust the Lord is a journey for believers. It requires faith. The rewards and beauty of a trusting relationship with Our Master is definitely worth the journey.

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