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Praying for our Leaders
by Lizemari Maritz on January 29th, 2023
One aspect of the Kingdom of God is our responsibility as citizens. Jesus taught us to pray that God’s kingdom come, and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). We are to invite God’s rule and reign into our lives – our personal lives as well as our greater sphere of living.   Read More
Joyful in Hope and Service
by Joppie Maritz on October 31st, 2022
The answer to both pride and discouragement in our ministries is therefore turning to the Lord...  Read More
The Day of Pentecost
by Joppie Maritz on June 8th, 2022
It was a phenomenal day! It was the start of the Christian church...  Read More
Have you ever wondered why?
by Joppie Maritz on May 24th, 2022
It is so important that Jesus died for our sins? Have you ever questioned the necessity of it all?  Read More
His Name is… El Roi
by Lizemari Maritz on January 25th, 2022
The Angel of the Lord knows about her and her situation. God knows her heart. God knows that Hagar was in this situation partly as a consequence to her own behaviour. But God needs to stop her in her tracks...  Read More
His Name is… Adonai
by Lizemari Maritz on January 12th, 2022
God has introduced Himself as YAHWEH ELOHIM, but now another covenantal name is added. It is theorised that this name is used because YAHWEH was too sacred to the Jews, but I wonder if there could be more…  Read More
His Name is… Yahweh
by Lizemari Maritz on January 4th, 2022
This name was so sacred to the Jews that they would not pronounce it and consequently wrote it down without vowels so that it could not be read out loud. This is apparently where the shortened word of YHWH comes from.  Read More
His Name is… Elohim
by Lizemari Maritz on December 12th, 2021
Using this Name of ELOHIM throughout Scripture God declares Himself the Creator – the King – the Judge – the Lord – the Saviour – Almighty - Majestic...  Read More
Now what? I don't understand!?
by Joppie Maritz on October 6th, 2021
Have any of you reached a very confusing place in your life where circumstances have suddenly been turned upside down, leaving you in a whirlpool of uncertainty? Have you ever asked the question “Now what? I just don’t understand? I don’t understand how I so misread what I thought was my firm belief? How did I get here?”  Read More
Fountain of Life... Or Scorched?
by Joppie Maritz on September 22nd, 2021
“I can choose to live where there is a fountain of life or a scorched desolate land—choice is mine”.  Read More
River of God
by Joppie Maritz on September 6th, 2021
When we think of this river, is the picture one of tranquility and peace—much like this picture? But the river of life in this world does not really look like this tranquil picturesque stream—sometimes we find ourselves in raging waters, tossed about as we struggle with life and its issues...  Read More
The Bride and the Call
by Joppie Maritz on August 5th, 2021
Just as Hosea’s life became the prophecy to the Israelites so that they could repent and be restored, just so our lives must count for the Kingdom of God.  Read More