His Name is… Adonai

Written by Cheryl Erasmus

God has introduced Himself as YAHWEH ELOHIM, but now another covenantal name is added. It is theorised that this name is used because YAHWEH was too sacred to the Jews, but I wonder if there could be more…

Abram now addresses Him as “Lord God”, but the word Lord is not written in capital letters (Lord) as before but at times in lower case.  I am sure you have also seen this as you have read your Bible. The Hebrew name for this is Adonai.

Genesis 15:3 But Abram said, “Lord God (ADONAI YAHWEH), what can you give me since I remain childless and the one who will inherit my estate is Eliezer of Damascus?

Firstly, notice that it the way Abram speaks to God from his position of lack.  It is not material lack but rather there seems to be no future, no direction as how to proceed and Abram’s own thinking is just not able to fathom the way forward.  Consider again that calling Abram obeyed when God called him out of the idol worshipping country of Ur, with the seven-fold covenantal promise (Genesis 12:2-3), but promise was still pending after so much time. (Let it be said from the perspective of man only!)

Then delving a bit deeper, I realised Abram was addressing God as “my Lord” when using the word ADONAI and therefore submitting to Him as his Master.  Abram understood the Master–servant relationship he had with Almighty God.   In fact, the word seems to better indicate a Master–bond slave relationship. ADONAI is the Sovereign Master over the submissive obedient slave, Abram.  Consequently then:

  • The Master is the One who owns or possesses the slave.
  • The Master is the One who provides for all that the slave needs for life and its living.
  • The Master is the One who protects the slave as he goes about the Master’s business.
  • The Master is the One who directs the slave but also commands him.
  • The Master is the One who guides and provides direction to the slave to fulfil his calling.

So the word of the Lord, came to Abram confirming again His promise of an heir who would become a great nation – as many as the stars shining brightly against that dark sky, not to even speak of the sand on the seashore.  
Abram simply believed God with all his heart.
God was well pleased with Abram.
ADONAI, my Lord, always does!

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