About the Book

Throughout his years of service to the body of Christ, one message has stood at the pinnacle of Ron Gardiner's ministry - the Holy Spirit has come for all believers.   'A Spirit Filled Life' is a collection of Ron's sermons and teachings that provide a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit.  This is an interactive book that will stir your faith to receive all that the Father promised. With Ron Gardiner's clear biblical teaching you will learn how to:
~ Discover a relationship with the Holy Spirit
~ Find the key to fruitful ministry
~ Prepare your heart for revival
~Experience restoration for your life

About the Author

Ron Gardiner (1954-2021) pastored multiple churches in South Africa and Namibia for over four decades. He served as the senior pastor of Windhoek Emmanuel Church, the founding principal of Emmanuel Bible Institute and the Director of Judea Harvest Namibia. Having ministered at countless outreaches, conferences and other engagements internationally, the legacy he left is the fruit borne in the lives of innumerable believers.

'A Spirit Filled Life' was compiled from Ron's sermon outlines, written notes and audio sermons by a team led by his wife, Alison.

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This book was written to be an interactive book, to read and listen.
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“Transformation comes to a generation, to a community, to a city
because there are people who say “Yes” to God and “No” to themselves.”

Ron Gardiner

“The Holy Spirit will not fit into old structures.
He will create new structures for the new things He wants to do.”

Ron Gardiner

“The fellowship of the Holy Spirit is a relationship in which you are an active participant.”

Ron Gardiner

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'A Spirit Filled Life' is available at Emmanuel Church Windhoek at
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