Emmanuel Building Project

An exciting new chapter awaits.

God’s Vision:  
A Place, a People, and a Purpose

What was in the heart of the Almighty before the Beginning? What did God have in mind as He created the heavens and the earth, when He spoke the universe into existence? What was the vision with which He set about fashioning man out of the dust, in His own image and likeness, and breathing the breath of life into him?

The corporate world is no stranger to the idea of vision. So too, the idea of having a vision that we aim for and work towards is not a foreign concept in Church-circles. But have you ever considered that God also has a vision for His creation? As the church, would it not be of utmost importance to know and pursue His vision before we chase after our own insignificant desires and purposes?

God’s vision can be summarised as a place and a people for His purpose.

We need not look far to find God’s vision laid out in the Bible. In fact, it appears in Genesis 1, and He repeats it throughout scripture. It all starts with a PLACE...
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The Masterplan

We define vision as an image of a possible and desirable future state – an ultimate destination we aim for.

As a local church that is fully bought into God’s vision, Emmanuel Church is on the brink of an exciting new chapter. As God’s people multiply, and as we become more efficient in pursuing and fulfilling His purpose, so too does the need for growth and expansion of the place of gathering and equipping increase.

What we refer to as a Masterplan represents what we believe God for in keeping with His vision. Every phase of this building project is aimed at the mandate and vision God has revealed for this planting of the Lord, and addresses growth needs as guided by the core values He has laid for Emmanuel. We are embarking on this endeavour entirely by faith. That means, as with the building of the Tabernacle and the construction of the Temple, we are trusting God for His provision above and beyond what is necessary to keep the church running.

That is why, in keeping with the pattern in scripture, we are calling on you to give an offering towards the expanding of our facilities. The regular tithes and offerings will continue to facilitate the running of the church. Likewise, the Faith Promise will be utilized exclusively in the area of missions, as has always been the case. Thus, be sure to clearly state what you intend your seed to be sown towards by referencing, for example, “Tithe”, “Offering”, “Faith Promise” or “Building”.

As the funds become available, each phase will be constructed in turn. Hence, it is a matter of God’s provision in God’s timing. Solomon built the original Temple in seven years – I trust the Lord that we will complete the last phase in a similar timeframe or less!

May God be glorified in and through Emmanuel Church! And may we be all that He desires for us to be, in Jesus’ name.

Timeline for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Building Project - by Ibarto Botes

3D Rendering  of the Building Project