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Faith Promise

Quick Facts

Besides our continual focus to equip our members to be missional in their own sphere’s of life, we are involved with various ongoing projects across a wide spectrum of our society. These include Correctional Services, social workers, patients and staff at Central Hospital, more than a dozen preschools in informal settlements, thousands of meals for vulnerable children every week, campus ministry on UNAM, among others. Furthermore, we actively spread the Gospel by going on outreaches and we support missionaries financially.   Emmanuel has also been instrumental in the planting and developing of churches across Namibia including Okahao, Osire refugee camp, 5 Rand informal settlement in Okahandja and Swakopmund, not to mention many others that we supported either through ministry or financially.

To do this and more, we need your generous financial support.

A Faith Promise is given above and beyond normal tithes and offering.

Giving a Faith Promise requires that one prays and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what to give and then to trust God to provide that amount every month.

A Faith Promise is usually given monthly, but once-off donations are also very welcome.

A Faith Promise is a pledge to give towards missions.

What is a Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise is a commitment we make by faith to God to give a certain amount over 12 months, specifically earmarked for missions. We commit to give according to the measure of His blessing and grace and what we decide in our hearts to trust God for.

Anyone who wants to see God's Kingdom extend is called on to give. We make a special appeal to our members to share in our vision to reach the lost and impact a broken world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nobody should feel coerced to give but everyone should give freely based on a personal decision according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How to give a Faith Promise?

Thank you for our willingness to give and contribute towards missions.

To give a Faith Promise, you could use any of our normal giving platforms. Just be sure to reference "Missions" when making a donation.

Click the link below for more information about our giving platforms.