Our vision:  To equip people to serve.

What you need to know:

•Lectures take place on Tuesdays from 18:30 to 20:30.


•Each course is completed over a 10-week period and is supplemented by a weekend seminar.


•There are no fees involved.



Available courses:

School of Leadership

This in-depth study of leadership teaches you what it is to be a great leader and what God requires of you as a godly leader.

School of Evangelism

Reinhard Bonnke’s course will inspire and equip you for sharing the Gospel with others.

School of Discipleship

This course will help you to understand the function of discipleship. We look at ways to disciple people in order to be more effective and to reach spiritual maturity.

School of Christian Living

This course serves as a handbook on Christian living according to Biblical standards. It is filled with examples from the life of Jesus.

School of the Spirit

This is an in-depth study on the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit.

School of Ministry

This course is designed for anyone who aspires to improve their current ministry or wishes to establish a new ministry.

School of the Word

This course will help you to understand and interpret the Bible. It promises to give you a completely new perspective and to make Bible reading interesting and fun.

School of Vision

This school will underscore the basic principles and importance of vision. It reveals the difference between man’s vision and God’s vision.

School of Doctrine

This course provides an overview of the main Biblical doctrines.

Life of Christ

This course offers an in-depth study about Jesus' life on earth, from His birth to His ascension. 


Becoming involved:

If you are interested in joining EBI, please contact Barbara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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