To see the Kingdom of God expand on the earth.




The vision will be implemented by means of: Preaching, teaching, serving, training and equipping. 


Our focus is: People, organizations, projects, events, outreaches and sport.


We are involved in the following areas:

To become involved, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Admin & Team

Administration oversees all Missions departments and deals with finances and resources. We invest a lot in developing the team, consisting of all project leaders and called-ones (volunteers). Exciting development programs are a part of our yearly calendar.


City Bless

City Bless includes a variety of programs and involves the leaders, called-ones and church members. Different themes allow us to reach the city on different levels, meeting different needs. Examples are: Street outreach, suburb blitz, going from house to house, blessing the people with a small gift and then praying with them. This project also involves shoe & blanket collection and distribution.


Ministry to the Deaf

We are involved in the Penduka deaf school. Our leaders are trained in sign language and have hosted many outreaches to the deaf. We now have a number of deaf people coming to Emmanuel Church where we have signing for them during the meetings.


Taxi Ministry

The taxi ministry is an effective ministry reaching the whole of Namibia. Using the head rests in the taxis, we offer advertising space and a verse of scripture with a helpline. We (several  churches) in towns and cities across Namibia respond to these text messages and  connecting people to churches for help.


Jesus Film

The Jesus Film project is a partner and forerunner to our outreaches. It prepares the way when an outreach comes to town. They show the Jesus Film in the area and minister to those in need of prayer.



Our Ministry “projects” involve different building projects. We have completed various building projects over the past few years. We also train pastors to be self-sufficient through the veggie-tunnel projects. This project allows them to plant crops and feed themselves and their families. In some cases they make businesses possible by way of selling the produce. In Otjekua, we have been involved with the school building, drilling boreholes and erecting church buildings. We undertake teaching and training of pastors in Bushmanland and Bravo, where several building have already been completed.


Children’s Ministry

We equip teachers, small group leaders, called-ones and soup kitchen leaders, etc. This ministry enables us to train people interested in working with and developing children. Several school teachers have graduated and are now working on early childhood development program of our children of Namibia. Various day care centres send teachers for training, and we have the privilege of training them on how to use the Gospel message in their schools.


Hospital Ministry

This ministry goes into hospitals to pray for the sick, encourage and bless them. It is similar to an outreach. We have expanded the ministry to include ministry to the nurses and staff. We host an annual nurses’ breakfast and bless the staff over Christmas with a package and prayer.


Soup Kitchens

Emmanuel Kingdom Missions have 24 soup kitchens in the Windhoek area. These soup kitchens feed 4580 children every week. The soup kitchens are reliant on sponsors. We partner with sponsors, collecting and distributing all donations on a Wednesday. All soup kitchens work with called-ones to prepare and serve the food.


Prison Ministry

This ministry takes training into the prison. EBI courses are offered and the inmates complete this over 3-4 years, when they graduate. Once a year, we host a Christmas breakfast to bless the warden’s for their hard and honest work.


Church Plants

This ministry has grown over the past few years. We have planted various churches and have been a part of developing and growing them. Many other churches have partnered with us and we are actively involved in growing their churches. We are involved in church planting in Okahandja (5 Rand), Rehoboth, Rundu, Okahao, China Town, Bushmanland and Osire.


Chinese Ministry

Chinese ministry has grown through the relationships built with the Chinese people in Namibia. We are involved in their cell meetings and have Chinese speaking people attending our Church. We partnered with Christians in China and Taiwan to establish the Torch Emmanuel Church in Windhoek.



Outreaches take the gospel to the nations. By using teams consisting of Christians from many churches, we have had outreaches all over Namibia. In this way we have evangelised the Bushman, Herero and Owambo people.


Sports Ministry

Sport ministry joins in the outreaches where we use sport to connect with the young people. On outreaches, we dedicate a Saturday morning to a sport clinic and a tournament. We have found that soccer draws a lot of attention and gives the opportunity for effective witness and evangelism.


International Ministry

We actively pursue meaningful partnership with churches internationally as wes trive to fulfil the Great Commission globally. We have build relationships with Churches in China, Taiwan, Canada, Romania, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa and we welcome more opportunities.



We support 26 Missionaries in Namibia. Emmanuel Kingdom Missions have placed these missionaries strategically across the nation. We continually develop and train them, involving them in our conferences and events.


Christmas Party

Christmas party is the annual event that we have for all our soup kitchen children. We bless them with a gift and host a party with food and drinks for them. This ministry makes use of a number of called-ones because it is such a huge event.


Social Workers

Our Ministry to the Social Workers has grown phenomenally. We meet with them throughout the year, discussing social issues and offer our help in solving some of the social problems. We have built close relationships and continue to encourage them in their work. We have a Social Workers dinner once a year where all social workers in Namibia are invited to a gala evening where we aim to encourage and bless them.



Orphan Ministry enables us to go into orphanages and work closely with the Social Workers to develop the children. It is still in the beginning phase and we have a vision for reaching them with the Gospel and being a support for them in life.


Missions Organisations

We support and partner with the following organisations; Hope Village, Elim, Campus Crusade for Christ, Scripture Union and Judea Harvest Namibia. 

City Bless 
Ministry to the Deaf 
Taxi Ministry 

 Social Workers Event

 Prison Ministry

 Church Planting

Chinese Ministry 

Children Christmas Party

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