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Remember that God loves you and that He has a calling for your life.


Bless you  

The Emmanuel Team


Aug purpose


Letter from our senior pastor:



Hi all,


Missions month at Emmanuel Church was a huge success – but it has come and gone. I’m very grateful for a fruitful time and I want to thank everyone for your participation and support. Becoming a “Missional Church” is not merely a program change. It is a process of growth in which we live in a different way. Taylor Durall says: “It’s a lifestyle, not a weekly meeting.”


So gear up and get ready to grow in a lot of exciting things that lay ahead.


Continue to reach into “The Purposes of God” by following the examples of some of the “Greats” of the Bible. Jesus lived 24/7 in order to complete the purposes of God for His life – it was His food (John 4:34). David served God’s purpose in his own generation (Acts 13:36). Paul spoke of being called according to God’s purposes (Rom 8:28). So plug into the unstoppable purposes of God (Job 42:2).


If you missed out on the Faith Promise in July, then you can catch up on this promise to give what God gives into your life. Remember it is a voluntary promise that you make as you trust God to supply and increase your store of seed (2 Cor. 9:10-11). You are blessed to be a blessing! 


Come and enjoy all that God has purposed for you.




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